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Basic Schooling


Breaking Bad Gate Behaviors

A horse who pulls, slows or balks by the gate can be dangerous. Here's how to break that habit. | MORE


Clinton Anderson: Stirrup Driving Your Young Horse

Teach your colt to accept the feel of a saddle in motion to avoid getting bucked off later. | MORE


Jim Wofford: Beginning Gymnastics

Learn to introduce your horse to basic jumping exercises in this excerpt adapted from Jim Wofford's new book, Modern Gymnastics. | MORE


Jim Wofford’s Modern Gymnastics: Gymnastic 1

This first gymnastic from Jim Wofford's book introduces your horse to stepping over poles on the ground in an organized manner. | MORE


Desensitize a Young Horse to the Saddle Pad

Watch as Clinton Anderson shows you how to desensitize your youngster to the saddle pad. | MORE


Clinton Anderson: Desensitizing to Cinch Pressure

In this first segment of a new series, you'll learn to desensitize your colt's barrel using a lead rope. | MORE


Clinton Anderson: Expand a Foal's Comfort Zone

Here's how to use desensitizing with a lead rope to help take the spook out of a young horse. | MORE


Clinton Anderson: Leading a Foal With the Halter

Watch as Clinton shows you how to use a long lead the right way, so you can teach a foal how to lead from the lightest halter pressure. | MORE


Video: Clinton Anderson Haltering a Foal

Watch as Clinton shows you how to halter a foal for the first time. | MORE


How-to Check a Spook with Lynn Palm

Follow top horse trainer Lynn Palm’s four-step strategy for spook prevention and control on the trail. | MORE

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