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Basic Schooling


Physical Causes of Canter Lead Problems

When your horse won't pick up the correct lead, poor training isn't usually to blame. | MORE


Jumping Clinic Classics: One of the Best to Date

Take a trip down memory lane and revisit one of George Morris' classic Jumping Clinic critiques from his December 1991 column in Practical Horseman magazine. | MORE


Polish Your Jumping Skills with One Simple Gymnastics Setup

This fun, simple exercise helps riders of all levels improve straightness, turns, track riding and rhythm. | MORE


Horse Training: Books for Your Library

Building a training library? Here are a few books to add to your 'must-have' list. Rider's Mind Zen Mind Zen Horse: The Science and Spirituality of Working With | MORE


Tame the 10-Meter Circle

From dressage trainer Heather Mason, a simple balancing exercise that will improve all your horse's bending and make 10-meter circles easier to ride. | MORE


A Fix for Hugging the Rail

Use these simple exercises to keep your horse from running your knees into walls and fence posts. | MORE


Conquer Corner Fences on Cross Country with Amy Tryon

Olympian Amy Tryon's system will introduce your horse to corners while developing your skills to ride accurately and forward. | MORE


Control a Spook

Teach your horse to control his spooky behavior by working him on an obstacle course with Linda Tellington-Jones's help. | MORE


Adjust Your Stride for More Consistent Courses

It's more than knowing where you are in front of a fence, says international jumper rider Katie Monahan Prudent. It's knowing what to do with that knowledge. | MORE


An Easy Equine Fitness Plan

An equine veterinarian helps a reader with divided time develop a schedule to exercise her out-of-shape horses. | MORE

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