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Basic Schooling


How Do I Teach My Horse to Stretch and Collect?

Dressage judge and trainer Maryal Barnett answers a reader | MORE


Video: Master Riding Trot Fences

Trotting fences is a skill required in some classes, but it can also improve balance, timing and coordination of the aids. | MORE


10 Time-Tested Rider Position Fixes

Our top-to-bottom guide helps you rein in your most persistent rider position issues. | MORE


The Confident Rider: Get Softness and Control

Use this figure-8-in-a-circle exercise to up your horse's flexibility and responsiveness. | MORE


The Powerful Pulley Rein

Yes, it’s for stopping a horse from bolting says this ­California trainer, but it can also be a ­versatile addition to your riding toolbox. | MORE


Jumping Clinic Classics: An Exemplary Crest Release

Take a trip down memory lane and revisit one of George Morris' classic Jumping Clinic critiques from his August 1987 column in Practical Horseman magazine. | MORE


How Do I Make the Horse Strides Down the Lines?

Learn how to get the right number of strides between smaller fences. | MORE


How Do I Slow Down My Horse?

Eventer Kristin Schmolze offers two horse training exercises to improve horse control. | MORE


Straighten Your Horse for a More Powerful Jump

Improve your horse's power and technique over fences by straightening his body. | MORE


Jumping Clinic Classics: A Very Good Leg

Take a trip down memory lane and revisit one of George Morris | MORE

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