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Basic Schooling


Clinton Anderson: Build Good Habits

Don't let minor faults become ingrained in your horse's mind--correct them from the get-go. | MORE


Horse Training: The Head-Down Cue

Teach your horse a head-down cue with this exercise from top clinician John Lyons. | MORE


Native American Cowboys: Jackson Sundown, Tee Woolman and Doyle Lee

Native American cowboys who are making an impact in rodeo | MORE


Horse Chews On Bit—How To Help

A reader says her horse chews on bit. Find out several ways to fix bit chewing this from top hunter rider Liza Boyd. | MORE


Video: Free-Jumping Fun

Learn about your horse's natural jumping ability and boost his confidence with this riderless free-jumping technique. | MORE


News Flash! Great Riders Are Made, Not Born

Jim Wofford discovers new affirmation for a long-held principle. | MORE


Never Miss Another Jumping Distance!

If you struggle to meet your fences, the likely culprit is not your eye but inconsistent pace, says this top A-circuit hunter rider. | MORE


Jumping Clinic Classics: A Classic Leg Position

Take a trip down memory lane and revisit one of George Morris' classic Jumping Clinic critiques from his September 1997 column in Practical Horseman magazine. | MORE


Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

You need a clear understanding of classical riding theory to school horses effectively and measure your progress. | MORE


Tate and Boggle

Watch Tate and Boggle—the models from November's "Despooking Tools for Every Horse"—at the Extreme Mustang Makeover. | MORE

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