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Basic Schooling


Great Riders Have Told You Something About Training Horses

Why some of the oldest recorded horse training techniques are still the best. | MORE


More About Sham

<p>Learn more about September | MORE


Jumping Clinic Classics: A Tight, Tidy Package

Take a trip down memory lane and revisit one of George Morris' classic Jumping Clinic critiques from his December 1986 column in Practical Horseman magazine. | MORE


Fear of Riding?

Where riding-related fear comes from, how trust beats it, and how you can develop that trust. | MORE


Find a Horse Trainer

To best help your horse get the best care and training possible, get help yourself from a qualified and professional horse trainer. Read on to learn the hallmarks of a great trainer and some strategies to find the best trainer for your horse. | MORE


Clinton Anderson’s “Follow-the-Fence” Exercise

See Clinton Anderson of Downunder Horsemanship train a horse his follow-the-fence exercise in this video clip! | MORE


How Horse Training Works

Trainer Sean Patrick talks about his honest-to-goodness training method that anyone can apply to any horse in preparation for any purpose and how that training method works. | MORE


Getting Started in Yearling Longe Line

Robin Gollehon explains the fundamentals of the yearling longe-line event and how to get started in it. | MORE


Keep Your Horse from Pulling on the Longe

This California trainer's three-step system will help you teach your horse proper longeing etiquette. | MORE


Proper Warm-Up

There are many different opinions about how a horse should be warmed up prior to exercise. Unfortunately, there is not much available in terms of formal equine research | MORE

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