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Basic Schooling


The Right Start for a Young Horse

New Jersey trainer Doug Payne has a low-key system for getting youngsters going confidently and calmly. | MORE


Teach Your Horse Turn on the Forehand

A clear explanation of how to teach your horse turn on the forehand. | MORE


Jeff Cook’s Zig-Zag Flatwork Exercise

A zig-zag, not a serpentine, is the bonus flatwork exercise from Jeff Cook, the expert who brings you Practical Horseman's popular Beginning Adult Rider series. | MORE


Make Every Moment a Time to Train

Clinton Anderson offers training tips on how to make the most of moments you do have to spend with your horse. | MORE


Give Voice Commands on a Lead Line

An excerpt from Jane Savoie's book, It's Not Just About the Ribbons, published by Trafalgar Square Press. | MORE


Teaching Your Horse to Tie: Measuring Progress

If you are systematic in your approach and don't resort to bad habits, a few shorts tie-training sessions with your horse can reap great benefits. | MORE


Teaching Your Horse to Tie, Method 1 and 2

This type of tie-training is practical if your horse is relatively sedate and reliable. | MORE


Preparing Your Horse to Tie

Teaching your horse to tie is easier and safer when you have prepared him well and have the right equipment. | MORE


Teach Your Horse to Tie

Make a safe and systematic lesson plan when schooling a horse to stand steady. | MORE


Tips on Improving Suppleness Under Saddle

Improving a horse's flexibility and suppleness under saddle can be an uphill battle. Consider these flatwork tips when leg-yielding and circles don't do the trick. | MORE

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