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General Training


Breaking Bad Gate Behaviors

A horse who pulls, slows or balks by the gate can be dangerous. Here's how to break that habit. | MORE


Stop a Runaway Horse!

Bending your horse’s neck using one rein won’t necessarily cause him to stop. Here’s how to do the one-rein stop the right way. | MORE


Three Mental Strategies from Daniel Stewart

These three mental strategies from Daniel Stewart's book <em>Pressure Proof Your Riding</em> will come in handy when your ride doesn't go as planned. | MORE


When Resistance Develops Suddenly

When a normally cooperative horse becomes resistant, it's important to determine why. | MORE


Calm Your Horse With the Drop-Head Cue

The ability to drop your horse’s head by cue is a confidence-building basic. Can you do it? | MORE


Protect Yourself from Horse Kicks

Even the most easygoing horse can send out an unexpected kick. Follow these precautions to keep safe around horses. | MORE


Video: Longeing a Colt Wearing a Saddle for the First Time

Watch as Downunder Horsemanship | MORE


Jim Wofford: I Owe It All to Labradors

Jim Wofford acknowledges his debt to working with training subjects of the canine kind. | MORE


TTouches for Trail Emergencies

Are you going on a long ride? Here are six TTouches to perform if your horse becomes sick or injured on the trail, until you can get to the veterinarian. | MORE


Easing Your Horse into Retirement

Putting an old horse “out to pasture” is unnecessary and even unwise. Instead, consider his needs as well as your own and craft a customized retirement plan that keeps him active and content. | MORE

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