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General Training


Centered Riding Revisited: The Four Basics and Grounding

Excerpted from Sally Swift's second book, Centered Riding 2, in which Sally further explores the Four Basics and "grounding." | MORE


Developing a Following Seat

Sally Swift explains how "riding with your bones" releases tensions, corrects imbalance, and permits harmonious, precise movement on horseback. | MORE


Rider Fitness Tip of the Month: Shoulders Back

This rider fitness column helps bridge the gap between fitness and your specific riding needs with shoulder exercises. | MORE


Be the Advocate for Your Horse

Speak up and be your horse's advocate when he's had enough for the day. | MORE


The Best Reward is a Built-in One

According to Leslie Desmond, you should train your horse so the entire process is well-understood and pleasing. If you do then that becomes his ongoing reward. | MORE


Click ‘n Learn: Turnaround with Clinton Anderson

Teaching your horse to execute a counterbend circle supples his shoulders and fine-tunes your control of them. Use our Click 'n Learn stop-action sequence to see how good shoulder control helps you execute a flashy turnaround. | MORE


Click ‘n Learn: Sidepass through Gate with Clinton Anderson

Teaching your horse to sidepass makes him more maneuverable on the trail, in traffic, or when negotiating any tight turn. Use our Click 'n Learn stop-action sequence to see Clinton Anderson use sidepassing to ride his horse through a gate. | MORE


Click ‘n Learn: Flying Lead Change with Clinton Anderson

Control of your horse's hind end is key to overall control of his forward motion. Use our Click 'n Learn stop-action sequence to see Clinton Anderson's flying lead change as it happens. | MORE


Practice the Emergency One-Rein Stop

Practice the emergency one-rein stop in the round pen before taking your young horse out and about. | MORE


How to Submit Your Photo to Al Dunning’s ‘How’s My Riding?’

Learn how to submit your photo for a chance to be featured in Al Dunning's monthly "How's My Riding?" department in Horse & Rider magazine. | MORE

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