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General Training


10 Fun Arena Exercises

If you've fallen into a riding rut, try our 10 basic arena exercises. | MORE


How Horses Learn

An excerpt about how horses learn and what motivates them from Sandy Collier's new book, Reining Essentials: How to Excel in Western's Hottest Sport. | MORE


Learning from Horse Wrecks

Sometimes a wreck or near-wreck can offer insight for better (and safer) horsemanship. | MORE


Teach Your Horse to Respect Your Personal Space

In Clinton Anderson's Problem-Solving Clinic in the September '08 issue of Horse & Rider, the trainer shows you how to get a fidgety horse to stand quietly on the lead line. Here, he demonstrates specifically how to back your horse out of your personal space. | MORE


Video: Clinton Anderson on Lead Line Lightness

See just how light and responsive your horse can be on the lead line in this video from Team Horse & Rider member Clinton Anderson. | MORE


Sally Swift Shows Us the Way

Sally Swift's body-awareness methods helped to change the face of riding instruction. Here's the story of Centered Riding's intrepid, innovative founder. | MORE


Physical Fitness to Balance the Rider’s Body

Maintaining a physical fitness program will help busy riders make the most out of their time in the saddle by increasing balance, coordination and core strength. | MORE


Clinton Anderson’s Longeing for Respect: Preparation Slideshow

SLIDESHOW! Does your trail horse need a time out? Use Clinton Anderson's unique longeing techniques to refocus your horse's attention--and hone his can-do keenness. | MORE


Clinton Anderson’s Longeing for Respect: Circling Slideshow

SLIDESHOW! In the second part of Clinton Anderson's lesson in longeing for respect, you'll learn to send your horse out onto a circle, then cue him to turn in, stop, and face you. Controlling the movement of his feet in this manner will strengthen the bond between the two of you and sharpen his obedience. From the editors of Horse & Rider magazine. | MORE


Clinton Anderson’s Longeing for Respect: Changing Directions Slideshow

SLIDESHOW! In the final part of Clinton Anderson's lesson in longeing for respect, you'll learn to direct your horse in a series of smooth, continuous turns on the hindquarters. This exercise activates the thinking side of his brain, improves his balance in rollbacks, and--most importantly--reinforces the message that you're in charge. From the editors of Horse & Rider magazine | MORE

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