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General Training


Clinton Anderson’s Longeing for Respect: Preparation Intro

Does your trail horse need a time out? Use Clinton Anderson's unique longeing techniques to refocus your horse's attention-and hone his can-do keenness. This time: Longeing prep. | MORE


Clinton Anderson’s Longeing for Respect: Circling Intro

In the second part of Clinton Anderson's lesson in longeing for respect, you'll learn to send your horse out onto a circle, then cue him to turn in, stop, and face you. Controlling the movement of his feet in this manner will strengthen the bond between the two of you and sharpen his obedience. | MORE


Clinton Anderson’s Longeing for Respect: Changing Directions Intro

In the final part of Clinton Anderson's lesson in longeing for respect, you'll learn to direct your horse in a series of smooth, continuous turns on the hindquarters. This exercise activates the thinking side of his brain, improves his balance in rollbacks, and--most importantly--reinforces the message that you're in charge. | MORE


Which Thoroughbred Best Fits My Needs?

Guidelines to consider when choosing an off-the-track Thoroughbred for a specific English discipline, from the book Beyond the Track. | MORE


Little Fixes, Big Results: Riding Lesson with Al Dunning

One of Horse & Rider magazine's editors shares more of the riding tips she got during her Western riding lesson with Al Dunning. | MORE


Rider to Rider: Straight from Instructor’s Mouth

In the June 2008 Rider to Rider column in Practical Horseman magazine, we asked you what qualities you look for in a riding instructor. Here's what the instructors themselves had to say. | MORE


Proper Warm-Up

There are many different opinions about how a horse should be warmed up prior to exercise. Unfortunately, there is not much available in terms of formal equine research | MORE


Video: Clinton Anderson’s Help for Fussy Feet

Learn how to deal with common foot-handling problems in this video from trainer and Team Horse & Rider member Clinton Anderson. | MORE


Riding with Health Problems: Continued

What happens to your life with horses when you're facing a major health issue? Horse & Rider readers share their coping tips. | MORE


Fitness Tips for a Better Ride

A Team Horse & Rider panel offers fitness tips to make your saddle time more effective--and more enjoyable. | MORE

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