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General Training


Rewards that Make Sense to Your Horse

Hilda Gurney shares insight on rewards and communicating clearly with your horse. | MORE


Making Smooth Gait Transitions in Horses

Clinician Julie Goodnight tells you how to use pre-signals and breathing techniques to improve your horse's transitions between gaits.



End of the (Show) Trail: Continued

The show scene lost its sparkle for a few Horse & Rider readers featured in the December 2007 issue. Read on for more about them, and an update on how they're doing now. | MORE


Long-Lining: How to Adjust Your Reins for the Change of Direction

Jeff Campf demonstrates some of the fine details of training in long lines. | MORE


Photo Gallery: 2007 Women Luv Horses

Presenters and attendees alike had a high-kickin' great time at the inaugural Women Luv Horses retreat May 18-20, 2007. Check out Horse & Rider's photo gallery here! | MORE


H&R Special Report: 2007 Women Luv Horses

Intrepid Horse & Rider reporters Alana Harrison and Amanda Peterson travel from Texas to North Carolina to check out the first Women Luv Horses event put on by equestrian sensation and Team H&R member Lynn Palm. | MORE


Bonus Balimo Exercises

Improve your effectiveness in the saddle with these exercises for better balance from a top sports physiologist. | MORE


The Right Start for a Young Horse

New Jersey trainer Doug Payne has a low-key system for getting youngsters going confidently and calmly. | MORE


The Linda Tellington-Jones Story

For 30 years Linda Tellington-Jones' unique method of working with horses has fostered understanding to enhance horse-and-rider relationships around the world. | MORE


Counting Calories at the Barn

Use this chart to calculate how many calories you're burning at the barn. | MORE

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