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General Training


Horses Help Reader Lose Weight

A passion to ride helped an overweight Horse & Rider reader get fit and transform her life. Learn how you can do it, too. | MORE


Curt Pate’s Training Tips

Here are a few theories that clinician Curt Pate introduced to 2006 AQHA Regional Experience participants. A professional clinician for a decade, Pate says his training techniques have evolved from his real-life ranch work. | MORE


Beat the Barn-Sour Horse Blues

Establish control over your barn-sour horse with this sure-fire fix from the new book John Lyons' Troubleshooting. | MORE


Strengthen Your Horse’s Back with Belly Lifts

Belly lifts are beneficial for strengthening your horse's back. Here's an alternate way to upward finger pressure at the girth area to help your horse do this exercise. | MORE


Get Fit, Ride Better

Getting into better shape can make you a better rider. Our weight-training exercises are guaranteed to work--and they take just minutes a week. | MORE


Tips for Training the Young Horse

Successful young-horse trainer Susanne Miesner offers training tips for working with young horses. | MORE


Mount Your Horse From a Fence

[gallery] Clinician Clinton Anderson shows you how to teach your horse to step over and stand while you mount him from a fence. | MORE


Chris Cox: Bridging Your Reins

Learn how to bridge your reins for effective communication with your horse in all maneuvers. Part 3 of 3. | MORE


Chris Cox: Bring Your Horse’s Head Around to the Side

Do you know the right way to bring your horse's head around to the side for suppling and control? Clinician Chris Cox shows you how to do it safely and effectively. Part 2 of 3. | MORE


Clinton Anderson: Ponying Power

Learn how to pony any horse with a minimum of cueing and lead-shank pressure, with expert guidance from clinician Clinton Anderson. | MORE

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