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Video: Blondie Running Poles

Watch as May's "We'd Love to Own" horse Hours Yours And Mine and owner Kaleena Weakly run a pole pattern at the 2011 Quarter Horse Congress. | MORE


Ride the Sliding Stop Like a Pro

A top reiner shows you how to ride a sliding stop through all four of its key phases. | MORE


Lead Changes with Charlie Cole

Have a solid lead change, but looking to make it sparkle? Concentrate on these three lead-change traits to get the most finesse in your flying changes. | MORE


Horse Training: Rollback on the Fence

Use the fence to teach your horse how to collect himself and roll back. | MORE


Clinton Anderson: The Rollback

Watch Clinton Anderson perform a rollback on the fence. | MORE


We'd Love to Own: Teddy Terrific

Learn why "We | MORE


Basic Body Control of Your Horse

Master this exercise to gain control of your horse's shoulders (those ornery things!) and hips. | MORE


H&R Gold: Horsemanship Training

Learn the subtleties of a correct position for horsemanship’s jog and lope circles, with world champion Paint trainer Bobbie Emmons. | MORE


Greg Ward: Dossier

Read about the accomplishments of legendary trainer and horseman Greg Ward. | MORE


Close Up: Bad-Boy John Hoyt

Featured as one of H&R’s 50 Great Riders (May 2011), the stories about this horseman are legion. Here’s his true tale. | MORE

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