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Western Pleasure


Chris Cox: Picking Up Your Reins

When you ride on a loose rein, you need to be able to take up the slack smoothly and promptly. Clinician Chris Cox takes the tangle out of picking up your reins. | MORE


Remembering Remarkable Rugged Lark

Take a look back at two-time American Quarter Horse Superhorse Rugged Lark and the women in his life. | MORE


Riding a Straight Path

Does your horse like to drift off your chosen path? Use this easy fix to get him looking to you for direction. | MORE


Balance Comes First in Western Pleasure

Have you sacrificed balance for slower speed in your pleasure horse's lope? Troy Compton explains why balance should come first. | MORE


Finding the Perfect Starter Horse

Top Quarter Horse breeder and trainer Sandy Arledge helps you find the perfect Western show horse. | MORE


Western Pleasure: Does Your Horse Anticipate?

Drifting into the center of the arena isn't the preferred way to end a Western pleasure class. Re-educate your show horse to follow your directions with these tips from a champion trainer. | MORE


How to Hold Romal Reins

Holding romal reins correctly is important in the show pen. Polish your presentation in Quarter Horse shows with these tips. | MORE


Position Pointers: Advice for 4-H and IHSA Riders

APHA champion trainer Terry Myers' advice aids 4-H and IHSA riders. | MORE


Rail Woes: Training for Pleasure Classes

Steve and Andrea Archer's "pay attention cue" will help you get your horse to focus on only you in a pleasure class. | MORE


Seven Western Pleasure Burnout Busters

Keep your seasoned Western pleasure horse fresh in mind and body with these easy, common-sense tips from world champion trainer Guy Stoops. | MORE

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