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Western Pleasure


Wanted: Light-footed Loper

Follow trainer Bob Avila's advice to help your heavy-footed loper move smoothly. | MORE


Mind Control for Show Nerves

Nervousness can ruin your show-ring experience and probably your performance. Here are some tips to calm your jitters. | MORE


Make Room to Maneuver

World champion trainer Carol Metcalf discusses spacing along the rail in a Western pleasure class. | MORE


Lean On Me: Keep Your Western Pleasure Horse from Leaning on the Reins

Fast and pushy won't make it in the Western pleasure pen. Champion Western pleasure trainer Steve Heckaman offers two good exercises to keep your horse from speeding up and leaning on the bit. | MORE


Be Prepared: Countdown to Competition

Whether you and your horse are show ring rookies or seasoned pros, show time jitters can send you both on an emotional roller coaster. Here's a timeline to help make your show day a success. | MORE


One-Sided Woes: Help your horse perform well on both sides

A champion trainer explains how to loosen up your one-sided Western Pleasure horse and help him perform equally well on both sides. | MORE


Rail Drift Fix

Use mental and physical control techniques to guide your horse in your direction. | MORE


Speed up to Slow Down

Follow trainer Bob Avila's advice to have an even-paced ride. | MORE

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