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Cody Christian

Overcoming his Disabilities to Rope



David Key Getting a Steer’s Head in the Corner

There are a lot of different variations at every roping and rodeo on the angle at which different headers get the steer's head in the corner. Some team | MORE


Coming Through When the Money’s Up

Are you one of those people who can team rope with the best of them at home, then falls to pieces when you get to the roping or | MORE


Never Stop Trying to Improve

Having started roping as a little kid-roping whatever would move, from dogs to other kids-I went through all the steps. I started in junior rodeo, then progressed through | MORE


Rich Skelton’s Great Team Roping Horse Chili Dog

World champion Rich Skelton has earned quite a reputation in the rodeo arena with a rope. He's also known for always riding an exceptional horse. In 2004, his | MORE


Jake Barnes Horse Maintenance 101

If you rope or rodeo, your horse is one of your biggest assets. But if there's any injury bothering him, he's not going to give you 110 percent. | MORE


Jake Barnes Put a Positive Spin on the Mental Games

This is a tough, tough mental game. So many things in this sport can go either way and affect you for a long time. Maybe you drew the | MORE


2004 NFR

What a wild week of team roping we just had at the 2004 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. Five teams-Speed Williams and Rich Skelton, David Key and Clay O'Brien | MORE


Tee Woolman’s Megazord

2004 PRCA Horse of the Year



Roping with a Good Attitude

Your attitude carries over and affects your performance. It can also carry over to your partner and affect his or her performance. For that matter, it can affect | MORE

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