15 Riding Exercises to Correct Common Leg, Seat and Hand Problems

Whatever type of riding you do, the more correctly you use your leg, seat and hand aids to communicate with your horse, the better he will perform.

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How to Stop Your Horse from Swapping Leads

Learn some tips to keep your horse from swapping his canter leads.

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Anne Kursinski: Horses Are Reflections of Their Riders

This five-time Olympian offers training tips and advice to the winner of Practical Horseman’s Training with the Stars: Win a Day with Anne Kursinski contest and nine of her friends.

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How to Stop Posting “Off Your Bottom” at the Trot

Hunter/jumper trainer Mary Babick shares how to fix your position while posting the trot.

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Pick the Perfect Pace for your Horse

Your round will be consistent, you’ll get down lines in the correct number of strides and you’ll find distances—all winning qualities in hunters and equitation.

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Jim Wofford: Cross-Country vs. Show-Jumping Form: The Same But Different.

The two over-fences disciplines, cross country and show jumping, share some common elements.

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Does the Punishment Suit the Crime?

To correct your horse's disobedience, you first need to understand why it happened.

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15 Riding Tips from George Morris

Legendary rider and coach George Morris shares classically correct riding principles.

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Harmony Through Self-Carriage

I have always maintained that, of all the horses who jump for a living, show hunters take the best shape in the air.

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Louise Serio: Improving Your Horse's Jumping

Acclaimed hunter/jumper trainer Louise Serio provides tips to improve your horse"s athleticism, balance and jumping style.

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Jim Wofford: Improve Your Lower-Leg Position Over Jumps

Practice these three exercises from Jim Wofford to strengthen your lower-leg position for security and effectiveness.

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Measure the Distance Between Jumps

Follow these easy steps to learn how to set a comfortable number of strides between two fences.

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Video: Chill Out Your "Hot" Horse

Do you have a hot horse? I'll bet he's a fantastic competitor--athletic, intelligent, responsive and sensitive--but some days he makes you want to tear out your hair...

Video: Show Jumping Horse Conformation with Dan Marks, VMD

Horse conformation plays a large role in determining a horse's show jumping abilities. In this video from the 2008 lecture at the George Morris Horse Mastership Clinic...

Video: Creating A Winning System with McLain Ward

McLain Ward | Photo by Sandra Oliynyk "Does your horse ever stop?" McLain Ward asked Carolyn Curcio after she had jumped a 2-foot crossrail in the center of the ring a...

Two Point, Half Seat and Light Seat Explained

This Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) video will help to explain some terminology in English riding over fences that we hear quite often - two point, half seat,...

Video: Peter Leone: In-and-Outs, Part 2

Olympic silver medalist Peter Leone explains and demonstrates how to ride normal, short and long in-and-outs.

Video: Stay With Your Horse Over Fences

Michael Tokaruk demonstrates an exercise for upper-body control to help you stay with your horse over fences without getting stiff. | copyright Amy K. Dragoo One of...

Video: Charlie Moorcroft Warms Up Ponies

When Charlie Moorcroft started his own pony breeding program at his family's 100-acre Lee Hill Farm in Hanover, Conn., in the mid-1990s, he kept his startup financially...

Video: Improve Suppleness through Dialogue with Your Horse

To make your horse more rideable--and therefore more enjoyable to ride--you need to develop a dialog with him, explaining what your expectations are. At the basic level,...

Video: A Winning Flat Warm-Up

Video: Build Trust for Better Trot Lengthenings

Part 1: Your horse will offer his best effort at trot lengthenings if he trusts in the connection of your aids.

Video: Improve Straightness With An Opening Rein

Beezie Madden | Photo by Sandra Oliynyk "Your horse's only job is to jump all the fences and not knock any down," said Olympic gold medalist Beezie Madden to the group...

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