Equine Melanoma Vaccine In the Works

Scientists are working to create a therapeutic vaccine to treat equine melanomas.

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What to Do When Colic Strikes

Colic is a word that strikes fear in horsemen everywhere—and with good reason. Colic is the most common equine ailment necessitating emergency treatment and is often considered the single largest killer of horses. There are many types of colic.

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First-ever Equine Vaccine for Leptospirosis

Scientists have created the first vaccine that can protect horses from leptospirosis, an infectious bacterial disease that has been linked to equine recurrent uveitis (ERU, or moon blindness), late-term abortion in pregnant mares and other serious

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Equine Proud Flesh Problems

There are new insights into a frustrating, somewhat mysterious, age-old condition.

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How to spot photosensitivity

Blistering and peeling on the pink skin are signs of a serious and painful reaction to sun exposure.

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Coronavirus: An emerging threat?

Previously unknown in adult horses, this gastrointestinal virus has been responsible for more than a dozen outbreaks across the United States and overseas in the last five years. Here’s how you can protect your horse.

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Hand-Walking Tips for Horses on Stall Rest

In most circumstances, a horse that has been confined for an injury or following certain surgical procedures still may need to get out for short periods of controlled exercise to keep his body limber...

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Sarcoid Tumors: On Alert!

Learn how to recognize these common skin tumors, and what steps you should take if you suspect you’ve found a sarcoid on your horse.

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Video series: 7 veterinary skills for horse owners

Watch these video demonstrations of the seven veterinary skills every horse owners needs, with Melinda Freckleton, DVM.

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A way to prevent EPM?

A medication commonly used to treat equine protozoal myeloencephalitis may also help prevent the disease.

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On the frontlines against EPM

Progress has been made in the detection and treatment of this potentially debilitating neurological disease, but much remains to be done. Here’s where we stand.

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Investigating Seasonal Equine Allergies

Dressage Today takes a look at some of the sources and characteristics of potentially serious seasonal equine allergies.

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Birth of an Outbreak

Sometimes it takes an eye-opening event to show just how real the threats and consequences of equine influenza are.

Webinar: Equine First Aid: How to Handle Common Emergencies

Watch this webinar on equine first aid presented by Jeff Hall, DVM, Equine Technical Services, Zoetis.

Webinar: EPM from a Clinician's Perspective

Event examines the disease from a clinician's perspective.

Webinar: Where Does My Horse Hurt

Renee Tucker DVM author of Where Does My Horse Hurt? spent an evening with MyHorse Books readers to discuss the principles of chiropractic and acupuncture care for your...

Cardiac Symptoms in Horses

Equine Guelph researcher, Dr. Peter Physick-Sheard discusses cardiac symptoms in horses.

Video: Understanding Laminitis

The non-profit Animal Health Foundation and Dr. Donald Walsh offer the latest practical and scientific information to help you and your horse avoid or overcome laminitis...

How to Put Polo Wraps and Standing Wraps on Horses

Wrap it up! Be sure you know how to put polo wraps and standing wraps on horses, thanks to the Certified Horsemanship Association

Equine Vital Signs and How to Take Them

This video will explain equine vital signs, how to take them safely, what the ranges should be for each and much more!

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