When to Let Nails Be

It's natural to want to remove a nail or other object that has punctured your horse's hoof, but it is not always the best first response.

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Stressful Road Trips, Crooked Legs and Why Hard Ground is Good

I was nervous about my first time driving our new truck hitched to our new trailer so of course that debut was made in the pouring rain with the most precious cargo imagineable: the two mares and two

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Gallop Poll: Dealt With Chronic Lameness?

Participate in our monthly Gallop Poll, and see how many riders have had a similar experience.

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The Equine Lameness Exam

If your trail horse pulls up lame, call your veterinarian immediately, and ask for a lameness exam. Here, I'll go through each step of the lameness exam. Plus, I'll give you the lameness scoring system

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Cringing at Horse Racing Yet Watching It Anyway

  Despite the fact I object to much of what is done in the world of horse racing I'll be watching the Belmont Stakes horse race on June 9 no doubt wincing while I do so. Before you fire off an email calling me a hypocrite please know I

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Joint Supplement Ingredients Explained

Choosing a joint supplement for your horse? Start by checking out the label and learning more about the ingredients the supplement contains.

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Horse Lameness Check

Lameness can be definitively diagnosed only by your veterinarian, but the detective work of the diagnosis is best performed as a team. A prognosis for a full and speedy recovery often corresponds with

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The Pre-Purchase Exam: Detect Horse Lamess and More

For most people the horse ownership journey starts with a pre-purchase exam but what exactly does this entail? In this article from LEGISequine.com by Dr. Douglas Novick an equine veterinarian

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Lions and Bears in the Wilderness, Oh My!

Colorado Game Warden Ron Zaccagnini gives advice on some things that you can do to minimize your exposure to danger with wildlife encounters. From MyHorse.com

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USRider: Don't Let a Runaway Horse Trailer Happen to You

Make sure you follow the safety checklist from USRider before taking off on your horse trip.The story is a cautionary tale for horse owners everywhere: Loveland Colorado firefighters and other rescuers

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Game Ready Takes Care of Your Lame Horse

My mare Sophie models the Game Ready system on her swollen hock while I hang out with her. | Photo by Matt ClaussenJust when I needed to do a test run of an equine recovery system that's supposed to

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Harnessing the Power of DMSO

Is DMSO a miracle drug or dangerous toxin? Here's everything you need to know about using the power of DMSO safely and effectively.

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Webinar: Laminitis Lessons with Don Walsh, DVM

Watch a webinar on lamintis presented by equine laminitis specialist Don Walsh, DVM. Don Walsh, a equine lamintis specialist, presented useful information to help horse...

Webinar: EPM from a Clinician's Perspective

Event examines the disease from a clinician's perspective.

Webinar: Where Does My Horse Hurt

Renee Tucker DVM author of Where Does My Horse Hurt? spent an evening with MyHorse Books readers to discuss the principles of chiropractic and acupuncture care for your...

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