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February 2014

  • Sue Jaccoma: Lengthen the Canter
  • Vintage Covers
  • DT Classic: The Whip
  • The Global Forum, Part 1
  • Cultivate a Good Seat
  • Interview: Isabell Werth

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Groundwork for the Dressage Horse: Leading, Longeing, Long-Reining and Desensitization with Uta Graf

Sometimes dressage riders think it is enough to teach their horses the movements, but they don't take into account that a young dressage horse needs more than just | MORE

The Anatomy of Dressage Horse Hindquarters

Horses come in many shapes and sizes, and while all can benefit from basic dressage training, not all are physically capable of performing at the higher levels. One | MORE

In-Hand Work for Dressage Training

Of the many ways to work your horse in-hand for dressage training, all of them have the goal of exercising your dressage horse without weight in the saddle. | MORE

Photo Gallery: Driven Dressage


Webinar: The 5-Day Show-Grooming Plan from Professional Equine Grooms Founder Liv Gude

During the hour-long presentation, Liv will discuss everything you need to know about preparing your horse for competition. She breaks down a five-day grooming plan, starting two days | MORE

How to Win Dressage Test Points with Accuracy

Learn how accuracy can give you an advantage in the show ring. By Jon Costin for Dressage Today magazine. | MORE

Daily Grooming Routine for Dressage Horses

This daily grooming routine will keep your horse looking sleek and feeling good. From the Editors of Dressage Today magazine. | MORE

Barefoot Dressage with Shannon Peters

Shannon Peters isn't one to sit around waiting for something to happen. So when Ravel, her husband Steffen Peter's celebrated two-time Olympic mount, turned up with a quarter | MORE

Riding Pain and Hip Surgery

As a dressage rider with riding pain, my story is not an uncommon one. After spending over 40 years of my life as a dressage rider, teaching and | MORE

Easy Canter Pirouettes with Morten Thomsen

In the summer of 2012, Beth Baumert visited Sarah and Morten Thomsen in Silkeborg, Denmark. "Their fantastic brick facility sported natural light and an aviary, and their lovely | MORE

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