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February 2014

  • Sue Jaccoma: Lengthen the Canter
  • Vintage Covers
  • DT Classic: The Whip
  • The Global Forum, Part 1
  • Cultivate a Good Seat
  • Interview: Isabell Werth

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North American Junior and Young Rider Championships (NAJYRC) Postcards: Day 1

News from the 2011 Adequan/FEI North American Junior and Young Rider Championships (NAJYRC). | MORE


Voting Begins In Dressage Today Project Centerline Contest

July 13, 2011 -- Voting to determine the winners in award-winning magazine Dressage Today's inaugural Project Centerline Contest is now underway. | MORE

Rider Fitness Tip of the Month: Fixing Floppy Legs

Rider exercises to stabilize the lower leg in the dressage saddle and fix floppy legs. | MORE

The Unwritten Rules of Dressage Test Riding

The members of the USEF Test Writing sub-committee wondered how we could make dressage test Directives more clear? These "little rules" are not in the Rule Book either. To that end, I am hoping to share what I consider the "unwritten rules" of dressage test riding. | MORE

Lisa Wilcox’s Toughest Dressage Training Challenge: The Flying Change

Olympian Lisa Wilcox had to get creative and find a new way to teach a dressage horse the flying change. | MORE

The Equine Herpesvirus: EHV-1 Prevention and Tips

Learn more about the neurological form of equine herpes virus 1 and how to protect your horses from this virus. | MORE

Create a Wish List for Buying a Horse

In your mind you can picture your perfect dressage horse. His size and color and how he moves. Then you try to find him, and the next thing you know you're overwhelmed by all the choices. Welcome to the world of buying a horse. | MORE

Calm Your Dressage Show Anxiety

Try these proven methods for overcoming dressage show anxiety to help you perform at your best. | MORE

Rider Fitness Tip of the Month: Fixing Riding Posture – Riders with Rounded Shoulders

Exercises to help improve your riding posture and keep your shoulders back in the saddle. | MORE

Building Trust with Dressage Training

This story is about the three important lessons of dressage training: 1. Let the commitment to the relationship rule your thoughts and actions. 2. It takes true humbleness to change. 3. To gain trust in a relationship, always give the benefit of the doubt. | MORE

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