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January 2014

  • Safe and Successful Comebacks from Illness or Injury
  • Keeping Your Ground Dry
  • Understanding Enteroliths
  • In Praise of Difficult Horses
  • Prevention: Hoof Cracks
  • Close-up: The Survey Says

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IN THIS ISSUE | December 2013

  • Hospital or Home Care?

    Here are five things to keep in mind when deciding where to care for a seriously ill or injured horse. | Magazine Only

  • Saddles for Hard-to-Fit Horses

    How to choose the right saddle for three equine body types that are especially difficult to fit. | Magazine Only

  • My Two Goats

    Cowboy and Brownie didn’t end up making my horses less herd-bound, but they are welcome additions to our lives just the same. | Magazine Only

  • What We Learned in 2013

    Just for fun, take this quiz covering these surprising, important or just plain interesting facts about horse health and behavior presented in EQUUS during the past year. | Magazine Only

  • Prevention: Thrush

    This foul-smelling infection of the underside of the hoof isn’t usually debilitating, but it can take diligence to get a stubborn case under control. | Magazine Only

  • Case Report: A Close Call

    After an ill-placed kick in the ribs, one wrong move could mean disaster for an unlucky gelding. | Magazine Only

  • True Tale: The Next Step

    An episode of colic helped me realize how much Peanut means to me—and how much more we can do together. | Magazine Only

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