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January 2014

  • Safe and Successful Comebacks from Illness or Injury
  • Keeping Your Ground Dry
  • Understanding Enteroliths
  • In Praise of Difficult Horses
  • Prevention: Hoof Cracks
  • Close-up: The Survey Says

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An Unusual Tendon Injury

The odd location of a tendon injury turns out to be good news for a talented young cow horse. | MORE

8 Summer Health Concerns

Warm weather and sunny days bring some specific changes to your horse's health. Here's what to be on watch for this season. | MORE

Webinar: Fly Control on the Horse Farm/Ranch with Dr. Doug Ross

Entomologist Dr. Doug Ross will talk about flies as pests and give an overview of the different types of flies that annoy and bite horses. Focusing mostly on | MORE

How to Help Wounds Heal

Most minor skin wounds are not cause for worry. Still, you'll want to do everything you can to support the healing process. | MORE

Safe and Secure Round Pens

Ensure that your round pen is in good working order by inspecting its footing and fencing. | MORE

Are Blue Eyes More Sensitive than Brown?

An equine ophthalmologist dispels the myth that blue eyes are more susceptible to disease. | MORE

Tubing Troubles for a Colicky Horse

After a routine procedure for colic goes awry, a patient veterinarian with steady hands attempts a novel recovery. | MORE

Webinar: Complex Helmets for a Complex World

Roy Burek, managing director and head of design at Charles Owen & Co presents an hour-long presentation on innovations in helmet design. By adding complexity into the helmet | MORE

Participate in International Helmet Awareness Day 2013

June 22 is International Helmet Awareness Day 2013. This virtual event will include educational webinars, fitting demonstrations and the opportunity to purchase a helmet at a one-time special discount offered only on International Helmet Awareness Day. | MORE

Spring Health Check for Senior Horses

With winter in the past, spring is a great time to do a quick evaluation to ensure your senior horse is healthy and happy. | MORE

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