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January 2014

  • Safe and Successful Comebacks from Illness or Injury
  • Keeping Your Ground Dry
  • Understanding Enteroliths
  • In Praise of Difficult Horses
  • Prevention: Hoof Cracks
  • Close-up: The Survey Says

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Flexible Feeding Schedule

A variation in your horse's feeding times won't hurt his health. In fact, in some cases it might be beneficial. | MORE

How to Read Your Horse's Body Language

Subtle changes in your horse's posture, expression and movements can provide important clues to what he is thinking. | MORE

Fixing a Feeble Forelock

A grooming expert explains how to help encourage your horse's hair to grow. | MORE

A Paint's Dilated Pupil Baffles Horse Owners and Veterinarians

Could the previous occupant of a gelding's stall have been the source of his unusual eye condition? | MORE

Rare "Stiff Horse Syndrome" Strikes a Paint Mare

Searching for the reason behind a mare's reluctance to stand, her veterinarians arrive at a most unusual diagnosis. | MORE

Weather Alerts Explained

Understanding the language of weather reports will help you keep your horses safe. Here's the lingo you need to know. | MORE

Do Horses Learn by Watching Each Other?

A behavior expert explains how research has recently proven that horses can learn from the examples of others. | MORE

The Equitarian Initiative: Help for Horses in Need

The Equitarian Initiative is a new nonprofit organization with a mission to provide care for the world's hard-working animals and education for their caretakers. | MORE


BCS: What Body Condition Scores Mean

The Henneke Body Condition Score system provides an accurate, objective measure of the body fat a horse has accumulated. The 9-point scale is relied on by veterinarians, researchers and horse owners to describe the body condition of a horse in a consistent and universal manner. In this EQUUS article from 2006, Don Henneke, PhD, explains how and why he developed the system and how it can most effectively be utilized. | MORE

Birdcatcher Spots Explained

An equine genetic expert explains more about these unusual white coat markings. | MORE

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