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Horse&Rider Magazine Editorial

The mission of Horse&Rider is to make a positive difference in the lives of goal-oriented horse owners who strive for excellence in riding, training and caring for their animals. By presenting a broad range of advice, tips and strategies from America's most successful and knowledgeable trainers, veterinarians and equine behaviorists, we help our readers develop safe and effective habits that enable them to enjoy a satisfying, lifelong relationship with their horses.

Editorial Staff
Editor: Jennifer Paulson
Editor-at-Large: Juli Thorson
Senior Editor: Jennifer Forsberg Meyer
Assistant Editor: Julie Preble
Art Director: Adam Purvis

Contributing Editors
Patty Brumley
Sue Copeland
Barb Crabbe, DVM
Gavin Ehringer
Alana Harrison
Jennifer von Geldern

Contributing Photographer
Mallory Beinborn
Cappy Jackson

Editorial Office
2520 55th St., #210
Boulder, CO 80301
(303) 625-5460

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