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Desensitize a Young Horse to the Saddle Pad

Watch as Clinton Anderson shows you how to desensitize your youngster to the saddle pad. | MORE

Click ‘n Buy: Helmets

Check out our click 'n buy slide show of Tipperary Equestrian and Troxel Helmets styles. | MORE

Wounds: Nightmare or Nuisance?

Learn how to tell the difference between a surface wound and a severe laceration—and what steps you should take when your horse is wounded. | MORE

Hazard-Free Barn

To prevent injuries, make sure these dangers aren"t lurking in or near your barn. | MORE

Longe-Line Class

Season your youngster for a showing career by entering him into a longe-line class. | MORE

Project Cowboy

"All I need Is one good break, and I could be in as much demand as any other good horseman out there." No one knows how many talented | MORE

Clinton Anderson: Desensitizing to Cinch Pressure

In this first segment of a new series, you'll learn to desensitize your colt's barrel using a lead rope. | MORE

We’d Love to Own: Keegan J

Learn more about "We'd Love to Own" horse Keegan J, and watch him perform in a liberty class. | MORE

Stable Vice or Stereotypie?

What used to be called "vices" are, according to research, not your horse's fault. Find out how a back-to-nature approach to management can eliminate or prevent them (and improve the quality of life for any horse). | MORE

Have You Tried: Mounted Shooting

Seeking an exciting and fun Western sport for the whole family? Take a look at competitive mounted shooting. | MORE

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