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Have You Tried: Overnight Horse Camping

Do you love the great outdoors and want to enjoy it with your horse? Or maybe you’re interested in a sport that requires overnight horse camping? Either way, we’ll help you prepare your horse. | MORE

Advances in Vaccines

Learn how advanced technologies are making vaccinations safer and more effective than ever before. | MORE

Vitamins and Minerals for Horses

Learn how to make the most of what little we really know about vitamin and mineral needs for your horse. | MORE

Video: Pete Kyle’s Freestyle Reining

Watch one of trainer Pete Kyle's favorite freestyle reining performances. | MORE

Video: We'd Love to Own Mare Peanut

Watch as "We"d Love to Own" horse Winning On An Impulse shows you how she smiles! | MORE

Gallop Poll: Showtime!

Share your thoughts for our next Gallop Poll! | MORE

The Chaps-Fit Plan

With 10 minutes a day and some smart food swaps, you can conquer that tight squeeze in time for show season-and get healthier in the process. | MORE

Blueprint Your Goal

Having trouble reaching your dreamed-of horse goal? Here's how to bust those roadblocks. | MORE

2013 H&R Article Index

Have a favorite article from 2013, but you can't remember which issue it was in? Find it in the full article index from 2013! | MORE

Your Horse, Your Life Contest Winner: Lauryn Zepeda

Watch as Lauryn Zepeda and her mustang, Gringo, demonstrate the incredible bond they developed that helped them win H&R's 3rd annual Your Horse, Your Life contest. | MORE

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