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Ride a Western Dressage Test

Get a taste for this buzzworthy sport by trying out a Western dressage test right here. | MORE

Western Hats

When you're in the market for a new hat, being well informed will ensure that you get the right topper for your needs. | MORE

Click-and-Buy: Holiday Gifts From $5 to $500

Find something good to give and good to get, for any budget and any horse lover on your holiday list. | MORE

We'd Love to Own: LVO Respects Poco Bien

Learn more about We'd Love to Own horse, Paco, in this Q&A with his trainer. | MORE

We’d Love to Own: Winter Solstyce

Read all about Thunder, the Denver Broncos' mascot. | MORE

Gallop Poll: Riding Fun

For this month's Gallop Poll, we're curious about what type of riding you enjoy most. Share your answer in the poll below, and see what types of riding | MORE

Video: First Trot and Lope

In the final lesson of this series, you"ll learn how to trot and lope a colt during that important first ride. | MORE

Your First Ride: Moving Both Ends

In the second of three lessons dealing with that important first ride, Clinton Anderson shows you how to move both ends of a colt. | MORE

Tips for Enjoying Horses With Kids

"Better Together" featured great ways to enjoy horses with kids; here are more ideas. | MORE

Resources: When Your Horse Dies

Plan ahead so you'll be prepared to deal with his remains once your horse's time has come. | MORE

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