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Click-and-Buy: Breast Cancer Awareness Products

These products from Western apparel companies and retailers help support breast cancer awareness and research. | MORE

Horses Aid Nurses' Empathy

A new study shows that working with horses can improve emotional intelligence. | MORE

Video: Team Penning Explained

Looking for a team-oriented cattle sport to try? The popular event of team penning might be just your thing. Check out an event here. | MORE

Gallop Poll: Register Clones?

Tell us what you think about the registration of cloned horses, and see what other H&R readers think in the magazine! | MORE

Video: Moving Both Ends of a Colt

Watch as Clinton Anderson shows you how to get both ends of your colt moving during your first ride. | MORE

Tracemark Touch Of Gold in Action

Watch as "We'd Love to Own" horse Tracemark Touch Of Gold shows in a Western pleasure class. | MORE

Click-and-Buy: Blankets That Fix Problems

Your best blanket buy is about more than price and color, and finding the right one for your horse can be a challenge. These nine options address nine specific issues. | MORE

Barrel Racing: Control Your Horse’s Speed

Pro barrel racer Michele McLeod teaches you how to shave time off your runs with correct body position and control of your horse's speed around barrels. | MORE

Your First Ride: Mounting and Flexing

In the first of three lessons dealing with a first ride, you'll learn how to mount a colt and flex his neck. | MORE

Jim Moore: Communicating With Your Horse

Watch as Jim Moore shares more tips on how to better communicate with your horse. | MORE

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