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Advanced Turnaround Box

In the September 2013 print issue, you learned how to execute the single-turnaround box. Here's a more advanced obstacle to try. | MORE

2013 Your Horse, Your Life Contest

Share you story and be entered to win some great prizes from Weaver Leather! | MORE

We’d Love to Own: Lets Talk About AOK

Read about past "We'd Love to Own" horse, Al. | MORE

Western Hats: How to Correctly Place and Remove

Trent Johnson of Greeley Hatworks tells you how to best place and remove your Western hat to keep it in good condition. | MORE

Jordan Larson on Salt-Water Therapy

Jordan Larson talks about the benefits of using salt-water therapy for his horses. | MORE

Jordan Larson on Summer Travel With Horses

Jordan Larson shared his tips on how he keeps his horses healthy when they're on the road during the summer. | MORE

Gallop Poll: Dealt With Chronic Lameness?

Participate in our monthly Gallop Poll, and see how many riders have had a similar experience. | MORE

Mustang Trainer Wylene Wilson

Whether it's through her success in makeover competitions and extreme cowboy races or in life, mustang trainer Wylene Wilson lives up to her nickname, "Extreme Wylene". | MORE

Protect Your Horse After He Sells

What happens to a horse when no one wants him anymore? Abandonment? Starvation? Slaughter? Find out how you can protect the ones you love. | MORE

Video: Clinton Anderson Mounting a Colt for the First Time

In the first of three lessons dealing with a first ride, you'll learn how to mount a colt and flex his neck in this video. | MORE

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