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Fix Your Horse's One-Sidedness

Here"s how to deal with your horse"s natural asymmetry or one-sidedness. An adaptation from world champion Sandy Collier"s comprehensive training book. | MORE

Slide Show: How to Tie a Rope Halter

Here's a slide show of how to tie a rope halter. Plus, tips for tying your horse safely and securely. | MORE

Laminitis: Do’s and Don’ts

A laminitis flare-up is call-the-vet time. What else should you know and do? Read on. | MORE

Clinton Anderson’s Colt Starting: Desensitize With Plastic Bags

This plastic-bag desensitizing will get your colt-or any other horse-less reactive and ready to ride. | MORE

Frankie's Recovery

We"d Love to Own horse Frankly Zippin overcame major tendon problems to become a winner in the Western pleasure arena. | MORE

Horse Owners Guide to Tractors

‘Have chores, need horsepower.' When you decide it's time to pony up for a tractor, our advice will help you make the right purchase for your needs. | MORE

Horse Health: Vitamins and Minerals

Learn how to make the most of what little we really know about vitamin and mineral needs for your horse. | MORE

Arabian Western Pleasure: What Judges Look For

Here's what judges expect to see when evaluating Arabians in Western pleasure. | MORE

Video: Leg Wrapping

Check out this how-to video for proper leg-wrapping technique. | MORE

Horse Camping

Learn more about what you need to take on a horse-camping trip and how to "leave no trace" when you"re done camping. | MORE

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