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October 2013

  • Can Supplements Help Your Insulin-Resistant Horse?
  • Back Pain! A two-part series on this difficult-to-diagnose ailment.
  • Urgent Care: When is Swelling in your Horse's Legs a Veterinary Emergency?
  • Bits: Which bit do you choose for which horse and why.
  • Arena Drags
  • Ask Horse Journal, Fix-A-Problem, Handy Veterinary Hints, Safety Thought, Did You Know? and much more

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IN THIS ISSUE | September 2013

  • Cushing's Disease: A Slow, Silent, Formidable Foe

    Pinning down a diagnosis can take multiple tests and repeats. | Magazine Only

  • Turn Off Your Cell Phone

    Our horses are living longer, but we seem to have less time to enjoy them. | Magazine Only

  • Performance Show Coats

    We've found a new meaning to wash and wear. | Magazine Only

  • Merlin Was Afraid of Life - And Jumping

    But we convinced him that he was a jumping star. | Magazine Only

  • Urgent Care: Coronary Band Injury

    A wound in this area could affect your horse's hoof health. | Magazine Only

  • When To Jump On The Bandwagon

    The decision on when to try a new product depends on your current needs. | Magazine Only

  • Letters, Ask Horse Journal Questions and Answers, Safety Thought, And More

    | Magazine Only

Blogs: Horses Keep Us Grounded

Cindy Foley is the Editor-in-Chief of Horse Journal, which focuses on real-life horse-product field trials with buying advice and recommendations. | READ MORE

Blogs: The Equine Things That Matter Most

John Strassburger, the Horse Journal's Performance Editor, has spent four decades riding horses across the countryside and in numerous competitive disciplines. | READ MORE

Blogs: Stepping Out of the Judge's Box

Margaret Freeman is a USEF Senior (S) dressage judge, rated to judge through Grand Prix at U.S. shows. She's the associate editor of Horse Journal and on the editorial board of USDF Connection. | READ MORE

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