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Chuck Sheppard The Life of a Legend

ProRodeo Hall of Famer Chuck Sheppard was probably one of the best all around rodeo hands in history.



Equipment Essentials

Talking about basic equipment might seem pretty fundamental to some of you, but you'd be surprised how many ropers of all levels I see at ropings and schools | MORE


Team Roping To Become Standard PRCA Event in 2006

It's about time. That seems to be the general sentiment surrounding the recent news that, at long last, team roping will become a standard Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association | MORE


Rope Selection

Years ago, there wasn't a whole lot of choice when it came to rope selection. When I was a kid, you either headed with a soft-lay head rope | MORE


Keeping Horses Easy to Treat

In my opinion, having horses accept administration of medicines, either orally or by injection, is important enough to deserve some discussion. Routine deworming, vaccinations and the occasional medical | MORE


The Roping Business

If you're going to rope for a living, or you want to rope as a hobby without blowing your life savings on it, you need to treat your | MORE


Guarding Against Slumps

Tee Woolman paid me a pretty big compliment a couple years ago when he said, "You know, you're one of the only guys I've ever seen who's never | MORE


Jake Barnes & Clay O’Brien Cooper: It’s Team Roping

Sometimes people tend to forget that this is team roping. You couldn't do it by yourself if you wanted to, and the more you consider how to make | MORE


Purposeful Practice with Team Roper Jake Barnes

There's not much point in practicing if you just go out there and go through the motions without a plan. If roping is a social event for you | MORE


A Main Mount is a Must

When I retired my old horse Ike in April, I had another good one (Scout) ready to roll. The timing just felt right, because I had a horse | MORE

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