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Shane Hanchey for Cinch Jeans

Shane Hanchey on roping and rodeo life.

What's the best bit of advice you've ever received about roping?

Always work harder than your opponent. Don't dog it. My dad told me that when I was growing up, and it stuck with me.

What's the most important fundamental every roper must have if they want to succeed, and how do they get that?

It's not every roper as much as everyone in life, and that's work ethic! I think in order to make dreams reality you have to have it. My great friend Blake Deckard told me this yesterday, "If you're born broke that ain't your problem, but if you die broke that's your own fault!" Sums up our plan pretty easily. Hard work always pays off!

Colby Lovell for Cinch Jeans

Colby Lovell's best roping and rodeo tips

How do you achieve mental toughness in the roping pen?

Mental toughness can be hard at times, but I try not to fight my head when I am not roping good. That way, when I draw seven or eight good steers in a row, I can capitalize on a chance to win big.

What's the best advice you can give to someone wanting to start out in the PRCA?

Pay attention to the veterans and how they enter and get around, because that is a big key to success in ProRodeo.

What's the biggest challenge on the rodeo road, and how do you overcome it?

Not getting to be home with my family and missing out on everyday activities that I enjoy besides roping. But the 10 days at the NFR overcome any weakness throughout the year. The NFR is unexplainable.

What's the biggest mistake you think some young guys make coming up the ranks?

They're trying to be too fast and worrying about winning first every time. You've got to worry about who wins first at the end of the year.

What's one problem you've faced with your horsemanship, and how did you fix it?

Keeping my horse running through my throw and not wanting to cheat me, and when I get the chance at a roping or on the road I will free him up.

Billy Bugenig on making it to the top

Billy Bugenig for Cinch Jeans

What's the most important thing any rodeo athlete can do to get to your level?
I would say the most important thing someone can do to reach a high level is to have try and determination. No matter anyone's athletic ability, if someone tries as hard as they possibly can every day, then there is no limit on how much can be achieved.

Kaleb Driggers on the best advice he's ever received

What's the best advice you've ever received about team roping?

Kaleb Driggers for Cinch Jeans

To be confident on every steer you run. Forget about the last one you may have messed up. Every steer counts.

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