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6 Key Horse-Hunting Questions

When you're hunting for a new equine trail partner, look for an experienced horse with a mellow, kind, forgiving attitude. For trail riding, also look for a horse that's been out and about, hauled around a lot, and will enjoy the ride with you. | MORE

Spring Clean Up for Your Horse

Spiff up your horse for spring trail riding with these grooming tips from top trainer Lynn Palm. Part II: Clipping tips. | MORE

Seat-Position Solutions

"Your seat is your greatest aid in communicating with your horse," says two-time Road to the Horse Champion and popular clinician Chris Cox of Mineral Wells, Texas. "Using your seat effectively can keep you from overusing your reins. | MORE

Become a Professional Riding Instructor

If you're looking for a riding instructor, you'd want to work with someone who has lots of horsemanship knowledge and experience. You'd choose an instructor with proven teaching skills who could relate his or her knowledge to you in a meaningful way. You'd expect this someone to be respectful and professional. | MORE

Explore Canyon de Chelly

Canyon de Chelly (de-shay) National Monument, located in the heart of the Navajo Indian reservation in northeast Arizona, near Chinle. The labyrinth monument is made up of three canyons: Canyon de Chelly, Canyon del Muerto, and Monument Canyon. | MORE

Deworm Your Horse with Clinton Anderson

Deworming is one of the basic elements of good horsekeeping. It should be a worry-free, routine practice that takes place several times a year. | MORE

Hassle-Free Horse Bathing

Spiff up your horse for spring riding with these grooming tips from top trainer Lynn Palm. | MORE

Natural Horse Property

Put native plants, birds, and bats to work on your horse property to nurture the land, and help control insects and rodents. | MORE

Horse-Trailer Tuneup

Whether or not you used your trailer all winter, it's time to tune up your trailer for this season's trail-riding adventures. A well-maintained trailer will be safer for both you and your horse than one in shoddy shape. Here's a point-by-point rundown. | MORE

Rocky Mountain Hideaway

Head to Drowsy Water Ranch for high-elevation riding in Colorado's Rocky Mountains. Here's one experienced trail rider's first-person account. | MORE

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