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Echo Valley Ranch & Spa

We know you love to trail ride on your own beloved trail mount. But for a change of pace, consider a vacation where an attentive staff takes you riding all day, then pampers you at night. | MORE

Help Your Horse Overcome Cold-Weather Challenges

Winter riding is exhilarating, but it can pose some problems. Here, we outline six potential winter-riding challenges, then give you the expert fix for each one. Challenge #1: | MORE

Basics for Bridling Your Horse

When you bridle your horse, you need to maintain control while slipping the bit inside his mouth, pulling the crownpiece behind his ears, and securing the throatlatch. It | MORE

4 Winter-Feeding Tips

If you live in a cold area of the country, take the following steps to ensure your horse's nutritional requirements are met. | MORE

How to: Attach the Breastcollar and Back Cinch

If you trail ride, consider adding a breastcollar and back cinch to secure your saddle. Even if your saddle fits your horse well, hills and extreme terrain can cause saddle slippage, which creates discomfort for your horse at best and a dangerous situation at worst. | MORE

Winter-Hauling How-To Tips

You can haul your horse all year long, even in the dead of winter, as long as you do so safely. Here, I'll first tell you how to ready your rig for winter hauling. Then | MORE

Horse Camp in Beartooth Country!

In the cold, dark days of winter, set your mind to summer rides. One of our favorite summer destinations is the Kersey Lake Trailhead horse camp, located three miles east of Cooke City, Montana. | MORE

Learn How to Pony with Confidence

Simply put, ponying means to lead a horse alongside the horse you're riding. On the trail, ponying comes in handy when training a new horse. As the ponied | MORE

Install Horse-Stall Mats

Rubber stall mats are excellent for your horse's health, as they provide a dry, level surface for him to stand on — much healthier for hooves than holes, | MORE

Warm Gear for Trail Riders

Trail Test ~ Winter Breeches Description: The Sit Tight N Warm Fullseat Breech from Kerrits boasts Polartec Wind Pro fleece designed to keep you warm in the saddle | MORE

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