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Where are the Trails?

I had everything I wanted at the house on the three acres my husband and I bought last summer: my horses, my very own little arena, a pasture, | MORE


Discover America

After almost 20 years of traveling and riding our horses around this beautiful country of ours, my husband, Jim, and I have seen some of the best trails | MORE


Weanling Ground Manners

Question: Our weanling - a 6-month-old Appaloosa colt - doesn't walk out when we lead him. I'd like to get him to walk out without being too hard | MORE


Linda Tellington-Jones: Clinician and Horsewoman

One night, Linda Tellington-Jones and a friend found themselves riding beneath a full moon across salt flats, knee-deep in water, flagging the route for a ride along the | MORE


The Paint Horse

Paint Horses are the Masarati of the equine world," Paint Horse owner Alice Singleton says, smiling. "With all their chrome, they're simply a little snazzier and flashier than | MORE


Camping with Horses

Horse camping allows you to ride on trails in areas you've always dreamed about. Everyone - regardless of age, physical condition, or finances - can camp. It doesn't | MORE


Montana Horse Bed & Breakfast

Have you ever dreamed of riding your horse in Montana and gazing at majestic vistas? But, you wondered, where would you go? Where would you stay with your | MORE


Hoof Boots Hit the Trail

Hoof boots look funky. Hoof boots muffle the age-old sound of hoofbeats on the trail. Most cost more than 10 times the cost of a pair of steel | MORE


Improving the Walk

Years ago, my brother and I were walking up a finger ridge to a high plateau some 700 feet above a valley floor. On a similar parallel ridge | MORE


How to Handle 5 On-Trail Emergencies

We are going to tell you how to handle five more crises: colic; choke; muscle cramps; a pulled tendon or sprain; and a rattlesnake bite. In a separate | MORE

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