Tips on Buying Horse-Quality Hay

Summer is a prime time to purchase hay. Although submitting a hay analysis for forage nutritive value is always recommended, in some situations horse owners need to purchase hay before a hay sample...

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Piles of Grass Clippings are No Treat for Your Horse

Are you tempted to cut your grass, then rake it into soft, fragrant, tasty piles of clippings for your horse to nibble? According to equine nutrition expert Dr. Juliet Getty this should be the last...

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Hot Weather Can Hurt Feed

Follow these tips to keep your horse’s feed from going bad in hot, humid weather.

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Add a Serving of Caution to the Tender Spring Grass

Transitioning a horse from hay to pasture must be handled with care; this point is non-negotiable. For every horse, a gradual change from hay to grass is required to allow the digestive system to...

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The Grain–Brain Connection

A recent study shows that horses on high-grain rations spent more time being alert for signs of danger than those on an all-hay diet.

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Fueling the Sporthorse

The art of feeding performance horses comes in finding the best combination of dietary energy sources to meet a horse’s individual nutrition needs.

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Estimating Winter Hay Needs for Horses

Question: We recently purchased a farm and will be housing our two quarter horses over the winter. They are trail horses who are not ridden during the winter. Because I've always boarded my...

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Expert Advice on Selecting Hay

Demystify that bale of hay to make sure your horse is getting the nutrition he needs.

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Green Tea For Your Horse?

Tough day? Have a cuppa, a brew, some char. Green tea in particular is known for its myriad health benefits in humans, and an increasing amount of research suggests that horses can also reap the...

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A Matter of Taste

According to a study at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom, apple flavors may not be your horse’s first pick from the menu. Find out some of his favorites here.

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Are acorns poisonous to horses?

There are many unknowns about acorn toxicity in horses, but it’s wise to take whatever preventive measures you can to minimize your horse’s exposure.

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Five Tips for Feeding Horses to Reveal Dapples

A gleaming coat reflects fine health and well-being among horses and ponies. Grooming intensity and frequency as well as nutritional status are two obvious explanations for a top-notch hair coat. In...

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Slow Feeder

Your horse is a grazing animal with a digestive system evolved to process food in small portions up to 16 hours per day -- conditions often hard to replicate when you're...

Sentinel Horse Feeds: Sharon White Testimonial

Sharon White, 4-star international eventer, has seen a real difference in the condition and performance of her horses since she started feeding Sentinel LS nearly a...

D. Wayne Lukas

Formula 707 is honored to pay tribute to D Wayne Lukas, an iconic horse trainer in the thoroughbred racing world. What better day to recognize his legacy than on the most...

The Nutritional Impact of Hay Quality

Hay quality is directly tied to horse health as hay makes up the bulk of a horse’s diet. Learn which factors can impact hay quality and nutrient content.

Standlee Premium Western Forage

Standlee premium western forage is one of the countries largest producers of premium forage types horse owners demand.

Sentinel Horse Feeds: Extrusion

Sentinel® horse feeds are specially made through a process called extrusion, which creates highly digestible nuggets designed to optimize nutrient absorbtion....

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