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New Year, New Look, Same Pledge

Editor and associate publisher Juli Thorson invites readers to check out the redesigned <i>Horse&Rider</i>.

Editor and Associate Publisher Juli Thorson.
Photo by Holli Sampson

Unless this is your very first issue of H&R, you've surely noticed something by now: We've given the magazine a new look. It's brighter, cleaner, less crowded, and refreshed with an updated palette of accent colors. We took your feedback into consideration when planning out the redo ("easier on the eyes, please!"), and are ready, after months of planning, for you to take your first tour.

"Take the tour." That's what people say when they want others to see their latest home improvements, and we kept this home-walk-through image in mind throughout the makeover process. Yes, we felt an undeniable urge for change (same as in today's everyday life!), but we also wanted you to feel just as at home and able to find your way around as you could before.

Value is As Value Does
The H&R mission hasn't changed. We still pledge to help you enjoy your horses to the fullest, by helping you find the time, money, knowledge, and horsemanship skills to do so. We'll continue to be the village square for a Western-rider community that wants the best for its horses and its own future. And we won't slack on delivering the kind of hands-on, do-it-yourself training instruction that sets the standard.

Back to the home-improvement metaphor: It's not the new paint that provides the value, it's the structure itself. The way we look at it, you wouldn't be here if the structure wasn't giving you what you need.


Keeping It Relevant—And gambling Smart
When's the last time you wished you had more money to spend on your horses? OK, better question: When's the last time you didn't wish that? When it comes to affordability, these aren't the easiest times for horsekeepers, nor for those with horse activities they'd like to pursue.

This fiscal fact inspired two of the features in this issue. "Dollar-stretchers," starting on page 52, has strategies for rejiggering your spending in ways that'll let you do more with the dollars you have. To help you avoid a common false economy—that of postponing needed vet care until a horse's problem is too far gone—you'll also want to read "Early Warning Signs." The article, beginning on page 36, describes initial symptoms of seven serious health issues. The longer you wait to call your vet, the worse these problems are bound to get and the more they'll cost to treat.

We love to bring you this kind of service; it's our stock in trade. You'll find lots more of it as you stroll from page to page. And now that our makeover dust has settled, we'd love to know what you think.

You can reach Juli, H&R's editor and associate publisher, via e-mail at Visit to read and comment on her blog, Juli Thorson's Horse Talk.

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