Your Horse's Natural Fly-Control Strategies

Fly sprays and wraps are great, but your horse also has several innate methods of dealing with flies. Here's how you can help him get the most from his instinctive fly-control strategies.

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Teach Your Horse To Tolerate Fly Spray

Forcing a scared horse to submit to a sprayer only makes the situation worse. Instead, try these tips for breaking the self-perpetuating cycle of sprayer terror.

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The Mask of Zorro? Or a Mask of Flies?

Here is contributing writer Amanda Nelson explaining why adding a horse fly mask to your horse’s pasture attire could be beneficial to his comfort and happiness.AmyHorse fly maskWe all think of using

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Fly Traps: The Best Solution for Barn Enjoyment

Have you ever used fly traps in your horse barn? Contributing writer Amanda Nelson has researched their effectiveness and survey says: they help control the fly population at your barn.EnjoyAmyHorse

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Three Ways to Beat Flies

Learn some money-saving techniques created by one intrepid barn owner to keep flies at bay.

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Protect Your Horse From Botflies

With the right tools, you can easily control botflies, a persistent and sometimes troublesome summertime pest.

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How to Identify, Control Pesky Flies

Do you know what's buzzing by? There are many different types of flies, and a product that controls one might not control another. Here's a who's-who to help you identify--and control--pesky flies. By Debbie Moors with Bill Warner for Horse & Rider

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Products Help Fight Back Against Sweet Itch

Summer is the itchy season, but there are some products that can bring your horse relief from sweet itch. By Dr. Karen Hayes, DVM, MS.

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Fight Nature with Nature to Remove Flies and Mosquitos

We call them pests for a good reason-because they are. Just when we're ready to enjoy the summer days, along comes a host of pests to annoy our horses and us. And they can do a whole lot more than

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Control Flies with Pest Management Program

Repellents and insecticides pack more of a punch when used as part of an integrated pest management program. By Christina Keim with Laurie Bonner for EQUUS magazine.

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Reduce EPM Exposure

If you're concerned about equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM) check out these tips and ideas for reducing your horse's exposure to this deadly disease. By the editors of Horse & Rider magazine.

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Summer Insect Control

Controlling summer insect pests will make life more comfortable for you and your horse.

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Webinar: Fly Control on the Horse Farm/Ranch with Dr. Doug Ross

Entomologist Dr. Doug Ross will talk about flies as pests and give an overview of the different types of flies that annoy and bite horses.

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