Giving to Horse Rescue Organizations

Advice on helping horse rescues in your area.

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Radio Interview About the Equine Comeback Challenge in Pennsylvania

Southeastern Pennsylvania has one of the largest horse populations in the country. Unfortunately, many of them aren't well taken care of or are neglected. That neglect usually takes the form of...

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Controversies of Equine Herpesvirus-1 Myeloencephalopathy

The most recent outbreak of equine herpesvirus myeloencephalopathy (EHM) has finally subsided. Once again this outbreak served to alert horse owners and veterinarians of how prevalent and devastating...

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Adopt a Rescue Horse

Learn the right way to adopt a rescue horse with these 10 tips. Plus: Learn about the A Home for Every Horse program.

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Understanding The Basics of Animal Welfare

Michigan State University Extension is publishing a series of articles about animal welfare, and this is the second in their series. The first article discussed the origin of animal welfare rules....

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Animal Welfare: The Five Freedoms

Michigan State University Extension is publishing a series of articles about animal welfare. While this is good information for anyone, they are specifically aiming these articles at younger (4-H)...

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Helping the Helpers: What You Need to Know Before You Volunteer at a Horse Rescue

People who care about horses and want to help decrease the unwanted horse population would do well to volunteer at a horse rescue or sanctuary. Helping the people who are working hands-on to find good...

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Identifying Legitimate Equine Rescue Organizations

An equine rescue experts offer insights to help you determine if a particular rescue group is legitimate effort to help horses or a shady scam.

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Nine Myths About Equine Rescues Debunked

Organizations that help horses in need are more important now than ever, but many misconceptions about them remain. Here's how to sort the fact from fiction.

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Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue Training at Eastern Kentucky University

Eastern Kentucky University's Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue Training course (TLAER) was held March 30-April 1, 2012 at the university's Richmond, KY campus. The exceptional

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How to Support Your Local Equine Rescue

Do you have extra barn supplies tack and other horse necessities? If you find yourself with an excess of blankets bridles dewormers and halters you could donate them to your local horse rescue.

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Technical Large Animal Rescue Training at Eastern Kentucky University

Sponsored largely by USRider, the four-day Technical Large Animal Rescue Training course (TLAR) aims to teach emergency responders the most efficient techniques to save oversized animals.

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