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More about IHSA Competition

Are you a young person who wants to stay involved with horses through your college years? Intercollegiate competition provides just that opportunity. | MORE


Getting Started in 4-H

How to combine the 4-H lessons of head, heart, hands, and health with horsemanship. | MORE


The Unwanted Horse: What’s His Fate?

With a struggling economy, closure of U.S. slaughterhouses, and lack of resources to support equine rescue, the fate of the unwanted horse is one of the most heated topics among U.S. horsemen today. Here are answers to some of the most common questions. | MORE


Inside Look: NATRC Competitive Trail Ride

See a video of an NATRC competitive trail ride--from start to finish. | MORE


Have You Tried: Entry-Level Reining

NRHA’s program for beginning reiners provides a fun, educational, and family-oriented ladder of competition. | MORE


50 Great Escapes: Riding Vacations

When you're ready for memorable R&R, a vacation that involves horses can be just what the fun-doctor ordered. | MORE


Of Kids and Horses

What | MORE


H&R Classic: Ready-to-Win Roadmap

Major championships aren't won by chance. Learn how the veterans map out their wins, with these insider tips from top amateur contender Julia-Dawn Taylor. | MORE


More on Horse Abuse

In the August issue, senior editor Jennifer Forsberg Meyer tackles the tough issue of horse training abuse in her commentary titled "POV Blindness." | MORE


Choose the Right College Riding Program

Careful research will help you find the school with the best collegiate equestrian program for you. | MORE

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