Dual Book Review: Sgt. Reckless, America’s War Horse; and Reckless, the Racehorse Who Became a Marine Corps Hero

On July 26, 2013, a statue was unveiled at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico, Virginia. The statue was of a hero, of course, but a most unusual hero . . . a heroine, actually—a...

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Gymnastic Exercise to Soften Your Horse's Jaw

Soften your horse's jaw to start controlling his bend and the balance in his shoulders in this gymnastic exercise from Leslie Webb's book Build a Better Athlete!

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A Horse Owner's Guide to Dog Care

With these basic guidelines you can make sure your barn buddies stay as happy and healthy as your horse.

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Happy Mother's Day

Nancy Shulins is the author of Falling for Eli. Read a review of the book here Nancy Shulins and Eli | Photo Courtesy Nancy Shulins As an infertile woman consigned to the suburbs, I developed a dread of kid-centric holidays that began with Halloween

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How to Win Dressage Test Points with Accuracy

Learn how accuracy can give you an advantage in the show ring. By Jon Costin for Dressage Today magazine.

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"Your Stories": Meghan Dixon

The kindness of strangers and four-legged friends transformed this autistic teen's life.

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The Man Behind the Legend -- Buffalo Bill

Known as Buffalo Bill to millions even in his own day, William Frederick Cody was the right man at the right place at the right time and set the mold for modern American celebrity. Smart, ambitious, and creative, he sold himself and his experiences and became larger than life.

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The Greatest Western Movie Villains

Movie cowboys can't be good guys without the bad guys. Here's our list of the best Western movie villains.

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The Greatest: True Accounts of the Old West

For insight into authentic cowboy culture, these five reads offer true accounts of the Old West. They're musts for the cowboy library.

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Install Horse-Stall Mats

Rubber stall mats are excellent for your horse's health and also have a good amount of cushion, which is important for joints and soft tissue.

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Winning colors

My daughter has her own way of continuing time-honored equestrian traditions.

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Writing and Maintaining a Successful Horse Blog

Looking to start your own horse blog? Learn from this blogger's experiences to create a successful equine blog of your own. This blogger writes for Fugly Horse of the Day, a successful horse blog.

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Bridling Basics with Julie Goodnight

When you bridle your horse, you need to maintain control while gently slipping the bit inside his mouth, pulling the crownpiece behind his ears, securing the throatlatch, and adjusting the chin strap.

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Going Full Tilt with Full Metal Jousting Contestant Jake Nodar

Jake Nodar in his jousting armor. | Photo courtesy of History. Horse trainer Jake Nodar will be participating in one of the oldest horse sports as a contestant on History's Full Metal Jousting, which

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