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Vermont Riding Vacation

Go on a riding adventure at Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm, and enjoy scenic rides on spirited, smooth-gaited mounts. | MORE


Quarter Horse Genome Decoded

A Quarter Horse named Sugar is the first of her breed to have her genes sequenced. | MORE


The Genetic Basis of Speed in Racehorses

Researchers in Ireland have developed a genetic test to help determine which type of racing a horse is more likely to succeed in. | MORE


Horse Breeds Trivia

Whatever breed you happen to favor, here are some facts that are fun to learn and pass along. | MORE


What to Look for When Buying a Baroque Horse

Find out how to assess rideability, temperament, gaits and conformation when buying a Baroque horse. | MORE


Photo Gallery: More Baroque Horse Images

If you enjoyed the Baroque Horse Gallery in the August 2009 issue of Dressage Today magazine, here are some more photos. | MORE


H&R Editors’ First Horse Breeds

The editors of Horse & Rider magazine share their first-breed experiences, as well as some fun pics--from years past and present. | MORE


2009 Breed Shows and Events

If you have a favorite equine breed, or are still looking for one to call your own, you'd probably love the chance to see "the real thing" in action and meet fellow enthusiasts. Check out the following events, scheduled for 2009. | MORE


Renaissance for the Marsh Tacky?

The rare Marsh Tacky horse breed makes a resurgence. | MORE


Icelandic Horse Breed

Possessing tremendous strength and endurance, the Icelandic was bred to carry adults smoothly and efficiently over miles of rugged terrain.


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