Horse Care Resources

Once Upon A Time, A Horse

I came across a list of the TOP 100 HORSE MOVIES the other day (Equine Info Exchange™), and first I | Read More >>

On Finding Perspective

Once you remove the fear of examining your own feelings about your body and the role you are | Read More >>

Proud Flesh and How to Prevent it

What Proud Flesh Is: As your horse's wound begins to heal, pinkish granulation tissue fills in the | Read More >>

Finals Week, the Equestrian Way

I’m alive! When I go into recluse mode, it can only mean one thing: finals week. Or finals | Read More >>

Things We Love About WeatherBeeta

Here's what these world-class innovators have to say about what drives their brand, what spells | Read More >>

Book Review: The Horse--The Epic History of Our Noble Companion

Wendy Williams takes on a daunting task--to explore 56 million years of horse history and show how | Read More >>

Body Condition Scoring Your Horse

Body condition influences everything in your horse’s life, from reproductive efficiency, to | Read More >>

A Run-Down on IDA Shows

Hi everyone! Dressage team competing members at the first show of the semester The | Read More >>

How do I pull my horse’s mane?

Top equine groom Liv Gude shares her tips for pulling a horse's mane. | Read More >>

EquiSearch Holiday Gift Guide 2015

The 2015 holiday shopping season is upon us! To help, our team at EquiSearch has rounded up 12 fresh | Read More >>

Bodybuilding and Riding?

Being a fit rider is important for both yourself and your horse, and any form for exercise can help | Read More >>

How to Stop Your Horse's Strange Bit Behavior

Does your horse seem uncomfortable when bridled? It could be due to a variety of issues. | Read More >>

Fall Favorites for Equestrians

Hello everyone! Check out my full video on Youtube! It is *finally* consistently | Read More >>

How to Stop Your Horse from Swapping Leads

Learn some tips to keep your horse from swapping his canter leads. | Read More >>

When you Lose a Horse...

Hey everyone, Credit: Kimberly Tucker Photography Senior portraits with Calais I | Read More >>

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