Married with Horses: There's No Place Like Home

A horse-loving newlywed couple enjoyed living in their country farmhouse before finally deciding it was time to pack up and move somewhere new. By Jeremy Law for

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How to Use Your Horse as a Weather Gauge

Discover the top 10 ways your equine pal can act as a personal weatherman. By Mark Parker.

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Married with Horses: The Show Squire

One horsewoman's husband navigates the perils of a hunter/jumper show, complete with a loose horse and mud puddles, and lives to tell about it in this column. By Jeremy Law for

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Opinions of Horse Slaughter

It's not enough towring our hands and say, "Isn't horse slaughter awful." We can make a difference.

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Equine Education

Winter is a good time to condition your tack, give your horse a vacation, and put up your feet by the fire. But frigid weather and bad footing don't mean you can't improve your horsemanship

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Christmas Songs with a Horsey Twist

Horse & Rider readers respond to Sue Copeland's '12 Days of Christmas' column with some verses of their own.

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Equine Education Options

Whether you're 20, 40 or 60, you'll be amazed at just how easy it is to fit into an equine class at the local campus.

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Married with Horses: Hay is for Horses

What do our significant others think when they're first thrust into the horse world? Find out how one horse husband felt when he discovered the intricacies of hay.

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Married with Horses: Horse Poor and Happy

A horsewoman's husband learns firsthand what it's like to be "horse poor" when he goes without new shoes for six months, but the horses get shod every six weeks.

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20 Questions About Your New Horse

If you're in the market for a horse, it's extremely important to take your time and find one right for you. If you do find one that interests you, our author had listed 20 horse buying questions every potential horse owner should ask.

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Married with Horses: Behavior Training

A horsewoman's husband shares his first experience with "crab walking and whip waving" (aka "horse behavior training") in his column Married with Horses.

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Tax Tips for Donating Your Horse

If you're considering donating a horse, consider the following tax tips when seeking a deduction. By Elaine Pascoe for Horse & Rider magazine.

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Married with Horses: A Husband Shares His Story

Have you ever wondered how your spouse cares for your horses while you're out of town? Share a morning with a husband who is "married with horses." Written by Jeremy Law for EquiSearch.

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Finding More Time for Fun

Your already-demanding schedule probably includes a job and caring for your family, but you still must find time to keep your horse's environment clean and safe, his body healthy and fit and

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Vavra Remembers Special Spanish Foal

In this excerpt from his book Stallions of the Quest, equine photographer Robert Vavra remembers the birth of a special foal in Andalucia, Spain.

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