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Clinton Anderson: Build Good Habits

"Clinton, how important are the little things horses do that might not be perfectly right? For example, my horse turns away from me in his pen when I | MORE

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  • Prevent Horse Barn Fires

    Horse barn fire—it's every horse owner's worst nightmare, and it comes true too often. Fire happens in top-of-the-line new barns as well as creaky old ones. | MORE

  • Build Your Own Cavalletti

    Download this PDF file and follow the simple directions to make your own cavalletti. By John Madden for Practical Horseman magazine. | MORE


Lindsay Sears and Martha

In the April issue, Lindsay Sears shared about her great barrel racing mare's, Martha, comeback after injury. Check out the video below to see the pair in action! | MORE

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  • Horse Health: Biosecurity Measures

    In January, California authorities reported new cases of equine herpes virus myeloencephalopathy (EHM), the neuropathic for of equine herpes virus (EHV-1, commonly known as "rhino"). After the outbreak | MORE

  • Alternative Therapies for Horses

    In the March Gallop Poll we asked which alternative therapies you've tried with your horses. To learn more about those alternative therapies for horses, look through the December | MORE


How Do I Slow Down My Horse?

Eventer Kristin Schmolze offers two horse training exercises to improve horse control. | MORE

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