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Clinton Anderson: Build Good Habits

Don't let minor faults become ingrained in your horse's mind--correct them from the get-go. | MORE


Prevent Horse Barn Fires

<p>The devastating destruction of a horse barn fireā€”and what you can do to prevent one.</p> | MORE


Build Your Own Cavalletti

Download this PDF file and follow the simple directions to make your own cavalletti. | MORE


Top Tips for Horse Barn Renovation Projects

Authors of Dressage Today's May 2010 "Historic Barn Renovations"--Julie Cook and Suzanne Baker McDermott--share their top 10 tips on renovating old horse barns and photos from their renovations. | MORE


Give Your Tack Room a Makeover

With some planning and a little help from your friends or family, you can make over your own tack room. | MORE


How to Set Up a Trail Class L Back-Up

Here are step-by-step instructions for putting together your own L back-up obstacle when practicing for trail classes. | MORE


How to Select, Install Electric Fence

Advice from an electric-fencing expert on selecting and installing it for maximum security and safety for your horse. Plus, a maintenance checklist for you. | MORE


Build Your Own Cross Country Fences

The everyday rider can build fun and exciting cross country fences at home using natural and natural-looking materials. | MORE


How To Build A Critter Fence

Affix wire mesh to your wood rail or pipe fence with these easy instructions. | MORE


Build a Barn that Works

A well-designed horse barn saves you money, effort, and time, says a top horseman who's designed more than thirty horse barns. Here he helps you plan one that's right for you. | MORE

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