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How Do I Slow Down My Horse?

Eventer Kristin Schmolze offers two horse training exercises to improve horse control. | MORE


Horse Training: The Head-Down Cue

Teach your horse a head-down cue with this exercise from top clinician John Lyons. | MORE


Horse Chews On Bit—How To Help

A reader says her horse chews on bit. Find out several ways to fix bit chewing this from top hunter rider Liza Boyd. | MORE


Calling All Problem Horses

Clinton Anderson is looking for the country's worst problem horses to showcase on his award-winning TV show "Downunder Horsemanship." | MORE


Horses Pawing in the Trailer

Do you have trouble with your horses pawing while in the trailer? Check out this Q&A with Julie Goodnight. | MORE


Prevent Horse Barn Fires

<p>The devastating destruction of a horse barn fire—and what you can do to prevent one.</p> | MORE


Field-Boot Lacing 101

Learn how to thread the laces in your field boots. | MORE


Top Tips for Horse Barn Renovation Projects

Authors of Dressage Today's May 2010 "Historic Barn Renovations"--Julie Cook and Suzanne Baker McDermott--share their top 10 tips on renovating old horse barns and photos from their renovations. | MORE


Frugal Farm Fix-Ups

Get inspired by these 12 simple fixes that will help your horse-place work better without costing you a lot of money. | MORE


Quick Fixes for Broken Tack on the Trail

Advice from the experts on the items to carry and how to use them to keep broken tack from ruining your trail rides. | MORE

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