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Book Review: Arena Pocket Guides

A review of the Arena Pocket Guides series of books by author Cherry Hill. Reviewed by Jayne Pedigo for About Horses. | MORE


Book Review: More Than Color

More Than Color: Paint Horse Legends by Frank Holmes gives readers a deeper understanding about the American Paint Horse and the outstanding horses that had the biggest impact on shaping the breed. | MORE


Book Review: Getting the Most from Riding Lessons

A review of the book, Getting the Most from Riding Lessons, by Mike Smith. Reviewed for EquiSearch by Jayne Pedigo. | MORE


Book Review: Real Riding

This book by Perry Wood uses wit, humor and common sense to help the rider really understand his horse and improve his riding at the same time. | MORE


Video Review: Barrel Horse Wellness

How the physical stresses of a barrel horse run effect ability to perform are examined in this "must have" video by Jefjo Productions. | MORE


Book Review: The Golden Age of the Track

This wonderful collection of horse and track photographs is a pictorial and sociological history of the 1930s-1950s. Reviewed by Pohla Smith. | MORE


Book Review: The American Paint Horse

Colorful American Paint horses at work, leisure and play are the subjects of a photographic portrayal in a new large format photo book. | MORE


Book Review: Hoofprints in the Sand

In her first book, Bonnie S. Urquhart does a fine job of bringing to light the diverse ancestry of wild horses on East Coast barrier islands. | MORE


Book Review – All the Pretty Saddles

This book by Nick Pernokas discusses western saddles, their construction and the different features that suit them to activities such as cutting and barrel racing. | MORE


Book Review: Cutting for Non-Pros

Sally Harrison's comprehensive book on cutting is an all-around review of cutting history, breeding and selection, basic cutting training and troubleshooting. | MORE

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