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When you Lose a Horse...

Hey everyone, Credit: Kimberly Tucker Photography Senior portraits with Calais I haven’t forgotten about my promised “fall favorites for equestrians” post (coming up...

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Selling and Importing Mares vs. Geldings

Are Mares Harder to Import and Sell than Geldings?

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Transitioning to College Life

Hi Everyone! Credit: Culling Innovations Photography Calais and I the summer before my freshman year of college. I’ve gone back and forth quite a bit about what to talk about in...

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Welcome to College

In this new blog, Emma Miller will be talking about crossing the bridge from being a horse-crazy little girl to becoming an equine professional.

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Getting to Know Our Advertisers: Q&A with W.F. Young (Absorbine)

W.F. Young provides innovative health care products for horses and other animal companions from brands Absorbine Equine and Absorbine Pet. Here is what Marketing Communications/ Advertising Manager...

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Getting to Know Our Advertisers: Q&A with Kerrits Equestrian

Here is what Kerrits founder and owner Kerri Kent had to say about her company:

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Fear: A Necessary (But Manageable) Part of Riding

Sports psychologist Jenny Susser explains how to deal with fear as related to riding.

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Enjoying the Older Horse

Advancing in age is not generally honored or valued in our society and this attitude carries over to our perception of the older horse. In this article, I hope to dispel the notion that the older horse should be automatically retired or overlooked as a suitable candidate for purchase. Older horses can be rewarding to ride, care for and share one’s life with. They are frequently sounder, wiser, mor

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The Bitless Bridle Debate

The drive to allow bitless bridles in dressage picks up steam—and controversy.

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Many Miles Make a Rider

Always up for a new adventure and a fresh challenge, a versatile young horsewoman keeps proving she’s got what it takes.

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Share the Benefits of Horseback Riding

We all have our reasons for why we ride. There are concrete reasons and more abstract reasons for why we dedicate our time, our money and sometimes our lives to these beautiful animals. For the...

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3 Tips to Glue You in That Saddle

Here are three exercises to supercharge your security in the saddle and mold you into a more effective rider. (Bonus: You’ll look great!)

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How to Age a Horse by its Teeth

No papers? No problem!

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Choosing a Trail Horse in 7 Steps

If you aren’t gifted with the Midas touch when it comes to horse shopping, Pat Parelli offers tips to ensure that your next purchase fits the bill.

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Upcycle Your Feed Sacks

Before you toss out these everyday items, check out the many ways you can re-use them.

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